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Allie MacEachern

How would you describe the experience that you bring to the room? 

The experience I bring to the room is a combination of motivational and uplifting, paired with fun spirited. I want my riders to leave the class with a message that will hopefully inspire them to live a more driven, intentional, and accomplished life, but I also want them to show up and have fun. I want to give them an escape from their reality, where they can focus on nothing but themselves for the entirety of the class - maybe for some that means showing up to shake off the day and clear their head, and maybe for others it means allowing themselves to be fully engulfed in the message and leave the room with a more clear intention for how they want to live. 

Favourite genre of music? 

My favorite genre of music to use in my SPINCO classes are trap/remixes - usually with a classic pop/throwback track in there as well! Outside of SPINCO, I find my music taste changes frequently depending on my mood! Sometimes I'm jamming to my own playlists, or Top 40, and on my drives to work I've usually always got the Country station on as that's what I find the most relaxing! 


What inspires you to live your life all out? 

I'm inspired to live my live all out because I've worked hard to create a life I want to live. After six years of university, I am working a job I love, instructing at SPINCO, living in a city that bring me happiness, and spending time with the people I love. All of those things inspire me and motivate me to continue spending my time doing what I love and making changes when necessary to ensure my values are aligning with what I want in life!