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Brooke Wagner

How would you describe the experience that you bring to the room?

To be honest, I'm a complete mix of everything! It all depends on my mood that day and that seems to be the best part of my class is that you really don't know what you're going to get. In my class you'll laugh, grind it out, and who knows.. maybe even cry?!

Favourite genre of music?

My favs are definitely some pop, remixes, oldies and I'll swing in a little hip hop & trap once in a while! Maybe some dance.. top 40.. indie.. I LIKE IT ALL - what can I say?! There is good music in all genres, we cannot leave any of them behind!!!


What inspires you to live your life all out?

Someone who I just recently met told me that they choose to wake up happy. No matter the day. And it has truly inspired me to do the same. You have a choice in everything you do. Life will always throw you curve balls, and it's all up to you on how you deal with them.