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Ellen Snook

How would you describe the experience that you bring to the room? 

When riders come to my class, I want them to leave feeling light-hearted, encouraged, and excited to tackle whatever they need to do that week, big or small.

The experience that I bring to the room is a fun throwback dance party. I want everyone to feel included in the class and to feel that they played a huge part in getting to that finish line at the end of 45 minutes.

Favourite genre of music? 

My favourite genre of music is 90s-mid 2000s hip hop and 70s hits.

What inspires you to live your life all out? 

Life is beautiful, and I have learned to experience as much as I can with my eyes wide open. I love to share good vibes, belly laughs, and smiles with others, so SPINCO is the perfect place for me. My mom is by biggest inspiration and mentor in life, and constantly encourages me to live life to the fullest, try new things, go all out, and to love with respect and positivity.