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How would you describe the experience that you bring to the room? 

My classes are all about having fun and challenging yourself with whatever you have got to work with that day. I love getting swept away by the room and the experience--a 45 minute break where you get to enjoy the music, do something that is good for the body and mind, and let it all out. Riding and being in the room always seems to be what I need, even when I did not know that I needed it. The 45 minutes that we share together is a constant buildup of energy, hype, confidence, and strength--I want my riders to keep the momentum and take these things with them when they leave the room. 

Favourite genre of music? 

I think my vibe is "vibeless"--if you come to my class we might start with Taylor Swift, throw in a Fall Out Boy weight track, race it out to a track that brings all the feels, and end with a dark, gritty standing sprints track. 

What inspires you to live your life all out? 

SPINCO has helped me to feel more comfortable and more confident in almost everything I do. It has given me the courage to ask for what I want, the drive to chase after it, and the permission to enjoy the little things that make day-to-day life better. I love that it has given me a place to feel strong, athletic, part of a team--the list goes on and on. The exchange of energy with the riders and the rest of the team is incredible--it truly keeps me looking forward to each and every class whether I am teaching, riding, or just catching the tail end if I am early for my own class. During an incredibly uncertain year, this place has given me something to look forward to, a community that is worth missing, and a sense of purpose. I have learned not to take the good things for granted--if riding a bike is what makes you happy, you show up and soak up every minute of that class!