Lisa Breen
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Lisa Breen

How would you describe the experience that you bring to the room: 

My goal in every one of my classes is to speak to the portion of us all that we have been shying away from. Music connects us all so it is important to me that the music I choose encourages confidence, fun and a serious sweat. I want to encourage people to realize their current strength and to grow from there. We hold so much power when we offer up our most vulnerable self because we are able to prove to ourselves that we can do anything, even when we are scared. We spend a lot of our lives looking for approval from other’s and I want to help others establish self love and ultimately self acceptance.  

Favorite Genre of Music: 

In my classes you’ll get a few different vibes depending on the day of the week! Some mornings it’s all about the rap music to push us to the limit, while other days we get into the nitty gritty of trap and on Sundays you can dance on the bike to Soca music! 

What inspires you to live life all out? 

Surrounding myself with people who lift me up. 

the idea that even if you fail, you’ve still gained something.  

Understanding that each moment is temporary so either cherish it, or move forward from it.

‘Sometimes we persue a challenge thinking it’s about our victory, but we don’t know the true purpose until later’ – Stacey Abrams