Shyla's Playlist


Why do you teach at SPINCO?
Teaching at SPINCO allows me to step into who I'm really meant to be. It allows me to feel empowered and it allows me to help others feel empowered. It's not only about teaching it's about being a part of an amazing community of people who support each other 100%. SPINCO is a family.

What motivates you to jump on the bike every class?
The riders that are counting on me to show up for them and for myself and knowing that every time I jump on the bike I grow stronger as a person.

What do you want your riders to get/feel from your class?
I want my riders to walk out of the room after those 50 minutes feeling like they are capable of anything. I want them to feel confident, loved and empowered every time they come to my class.

What is your favourite type of music to ride to?
Personally, I love Top 40. Anything that I can dance and sing along to is what really gets me feeling pumped for a ride. 

Quote to live by:
"Those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter" - Dr.Seuss 

Where can you find me off the bike?
At home with my family or in the kitchen trying out a new vegetarian recipe.

Favourite day off activity?
Finding a new hiking trail to conquer in Fundy National Park.